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Welcome to the home page of The Spring Chinook Pro. The best Spring Chinook Fishing guides are the Spring Chinook Pro. They fish for Spring Chinook  Salmon on the Columbia river and nearby tributaries every in the early Spring months.

Columbia River Salmon Fishing World Famous Spring Chinook

     The Washington State department of fishing the fisheries officials predict that in 2012 the return of Spring Chinook to the Columbia River will be one of the largest on record which dates back to 1980. Some of the Rivers expecting a great Spring Chinook return in 2012 are Drano lake, the Klickitat River, the Willamette River in Portland Oregon, and many other Columbia River tributaries in Oregon and Washington.
     A Spring Chinook Pro may also be a fishing legend in the Northwest and featured on the www.fishinglegends.com website. This past year A Spring Chinook pro was voted as one of the top 10 Columbia River Spring Chinook fishing the guides. He is a fulltime professional fishing guide, lives right here in the Northwest, and is very well known by fishing guides and fishermen and in Oregon and Washington and reputed to be one of the best fishing guides in the Northwest, especially on the Columbia River and other popular Columbia River tributaries.

Learn "How To Catch Spring Chinook" From the Professional Who Is A Fishing Legend

Spring Chinook  Salmon can run from 10 to 40 pounds and even more and they are strong fighting fish fresh from the Pacific Ocean. These great tasting  Salmon are very highly sought after and are some of the most popular catching and eating fish anywhere.

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St. Laurent Guide Service

Daniel St. Laurent Of St. Laurent Guide Service is booking trips on the Upper & Lower Columbia River, Willamette Riverfor Salmon.
We specialize in good times fishing for Spring Chinook just a few minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. You’ll be fishing with licensed fishing guide Daniel st. Laurent in a state of he art fishing boat and all the bait and gear is provided for the species of fish you are going after.
Call Daniel today for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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Oregon: 1 800 452-7888

     A year ago the expected spring Chinook  Salmon return was predicted to be nearly 1/2 million fish. This year their return could be even bigger. Forecasts for the Lewis river, Kalama river, and the Cowlitz River are not yet finished but these Rivers are very popular spring Chinook  Salmon fishing destinations,  Spring Chinook Salmon pros fish them all and since all are expected to have great returns your Salmon fishing guides will be booking trips for all these Rivers. Actual fishing destinations are subject to change due to the department of fisheries regulations and timing issues. Sometimes the department of fisheries will change spring Chinook  Salmon allocations and close certain areas of the Columbia River. In those cases a local area fishing guide will always find an alternate river in which to catch these popular Chinook  Salmon.

Fish With A Professional Spring Chinook
Salmon Fishing Guide And Catch More Salmon

Many Spring Chinook guides fish for more than just Spring Chinook. They are well known throughout the Northwest for fishing articles they've written, fishing seminars they give, TV Shows they have produced and been in, Trade Show exhibitions and as a guest on various radio shows and TV outdoors shows. But what they love most of all is fishing. He is NOT a part-time fishing guide. They are NOT one of those guys who caught a few fish and bought a guide's license. The best fishing guides and charters are full time Northwest Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead and Salmon fishing Guides. Local area fishing charters and fishing guides fish around 350+ days a year. They are the fishing guides that the other guides call for the latest tips, to learn what bait is working best and to learn where the fish are on any given day.

     Many popular Oregon Rivers offer some of the best spring Chinook  Salmon fishing that you are likely to find Anywhere in the state of Oregon. With professional years and years of fishing experience and Columbia River Spring Chinook fish catching reputation you can be sure to know that you will catch a lot of fish. Spring Chinook fishing guides will make sure that you are where are the fish are and that you were there at the right time with the best equipment, the best fishing tackle, the correct fishing the bait for spring Chinook as well as the freshest bait and always the freshest  Salmon fishing eggs when used.

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